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My Account provides secure online access to your current applications and policy details.

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1 - Help us connect you to your policy

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It is vital that you enter the same personal details that were used in your application. If your application is on a joint basis, then please ensure that you complete this process separately.

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2 - Terms and conditions

The Terms and Conditions that govern the use of our online services have been improved to ensure they are as fair as possible to you. Please read the agreement for electronic services (opens in a new window).
By selecting the Register button you will be deemed to have accepted the new terms and conditions and they will form a binding contract between you (the User) and us (Legal & General).

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Don't forget, your user ID must be unique. If you have a joint policy, each of you must create a different user ID to register for My Account

User ID:
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  • You may use your email address as your user ID
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  • Cannot be the same as your user ID
We also recommend you avoid commonly-used passwords